Weekend at Stradbroke Island

Last weekend Ryan and I managed to get out of work early on Friday and have a long weekend at Stradbroke Island.

This is an Island just near Brisbane, and easily accessible by Ferry. A great place to head to for the weekend for those living in/near Brisbane. You can choose to take a car or not. There is a good bus system that goes along the sealed roads on the island, making for easy travel. But if you want to go offroad, a 4WD is a must.

The last minute trip was thanks to one of Ryan’s friends. He just bought a new FJ Cruiser (Toyota), which is the same car Ryan got earlier this year. Perfect opportunity to take it for a run down the beach.

The weather was nice and warm, but windy. Of course, this meant kitesurfing time for Ryan (me too one day, I hope). He had a ball. I took lots of photos, and compiled the attached video. It’s amazing what an iPhone can do. I probably should get a proper video camera to do these things with… Maybe one day.

We had a great house right on the main road at Point Lookout, looking over the ocean. Check out the view:

Check out our video:

If you would like to know more about Stradboke Island, such as location, how to get there, accommodation etc, feel free to contact me and I’ll help you out.

8 responses to “Weekend at Stradbroke Island

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  2. When I was ten we lived in Brisbane. Stradbrooke was one of my favourite holiday trips that we took. That and Morton Island. :). I love your video. I was wondering how you put together your video? Do you have a Mac or an app that you used?

    • Hi Kara,

      We spend most of our time out at Moreton and Straddie and love it. Thanks for reading & watching the post. I used the iMovie program on my Mac. Just uploaded the videos from my iPhone and pieced it together. It was my first go at doing something like that and I was surprised at how easy it was.

  3. Awesome! Great places to spend time! I have been eyeing up a Mac for my next purchase and this just gave me one more reason. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi thanks for visiting. Along the front of the island is not so good for anchoring. The video is at North Stradbroke. There is a spot in between South Stradbroke and North Stradbroke Islands that is great for kiting where you can anchor. It’s called jumpinpin. If you go through along the inside of the islands there is a lagoon where you can anchor, off South Stradbroke Island.

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