A sharky encounter (or so we thought)

It’s Saturday morning here in Brisbane. The weather, yet again, is looking a bit sad. What happened to Queensland being the sunshine state? oh that’s right. It’s only on weekdays apparently.

Ryan had to go do some work this morning, so I’m sitting here waiting for him to come home so I can pounce on him about what we can go do today. It’s not raining, so that’s a start.

In the meantime, I have been reflecting on previous adventures, and remembered a funny night that I’d like to share, with a video.

It was a long weekend earlier this year, I think in May. We had been at the Gold Coast doing a mini triathlon on the Saturday morning and then took Ryan’s parent’s boat through the Gold Coast Seaway and up around Stradbroke and Moreton Islands to anchor at the top of Moreton for the weekend. The weather liked us that weekend.

Here are a couple of photos from the trip up and where we stayed.

Yep we had magnums on the boat. Thanks for the photo Ryan.

You are likely to see a lot more of this area in future posts.

The point of this post is the video. I’ll give you a bit of an explanation of what happened.

That weekend was about the 3rd time I had been spearfishing. We just went around in the tender, to a few shallow rock areas. Ryan was still getting ready, so I hopped in and of course shot the first thing I saw. It was a tiny fish. I actually just wanted to shoot something while Ryan was in the boat, so he would have to get it off my spear for me and take care of it. He just laughed when he saw how small the fish was, but we kept it at my request. The smaller the fish, the better the aim right??

That night, we were exhausted and still had my little fishie. So Ryan hooked it up to the big fishing rod that we left off the back of the boat whilst we had some dinner and then went to bed. At about 1:30am we both were woken up by the sound of the fishing rod. I of course, told Ryan to get up and quickly go get it… And then slowly made my way up to help him. The thing we caught was huge!! We were out there for a couple of hours and this thing was just defeating us. Ryan started taking video diaries. The ending is hilarious. Here it is:

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