I know you are all eagerly waiting for our video from the weekend. There has been a slight delay, but I promise it will be here. Probably next week, after some editing.

In the meantime I’d like to share the blog that inspired me to start our own. It is called “world tour stories.”

Ryan and I had decided about or future sailing adventure a while ago. Probably at the beginning of 2012. I always thought having a blog would be a good way to keep friends and relatives up to date on where we are and what we are doing. Then I started thinking I could take it further than that. People regularly admire the things we do on weekends, and always ask me what our adventures have been. This made me realise that others may also have some interest in seeing two regular people making the most of life.

Anyway, I then started looking around at the different sailing blogs that are out there. There are plenty of good ones, and heaps of great travel blogs. The one that inspired me was the one that stood out being a simple but stylish design. The photography is amazing.

Those who know me well might question my interest in the content. I’m not very into fashion and accessories that are regularly discussed. However, I have loved reading about the places and seeing the photos. There is also a whole section discussing the re-fit of the boat, a few posts with surfing photos and most recently a nice underwater video. I have also taken some of the advice about cruising and made notes, particularly in relation to useful items to have on board.

I think most people would get enjoyment out of reading the different parts of the blog.

I provide the link with a warning: there is some super sexy content which could give someone with heart problems a heart attack.

Girls, you will enjoy the pretty stuff on the blog.

Guys, well, there is a topless photo somewhere on there.

Enjoy. To see it, click here

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