A night on a sand dune

Some of you may remember the very first post written on this blog, and the photo of the sunset I attached. I promised there story about that photo, so here it is:

The island near where we live is a sand island and has many sand dunes you can climb, if you feel up to the task. You can also go sand tobogganing. There is one spot in particular that we love, and were eyeing off for a while to go camping.

In January or February this year we found the perfect opportunity. It was a Sunday, full moon and the weather could not have been more perfect. Warm, clear skies and no wind.

On the Sunday morning we took advantage of the flat water and took some friends out on the boat to go scurfing. When that was all finished we quickly packed up a swag, some food and wine. Re-launched the boat and made our way to the sand dunes.

The tide was quite low when we arrived, so we has to wade a fair way through the shallow water before getting onto the island. Each of us was carrying a heavy load on our heads, and we had to make two trips.

I had injured my knee, which made the climb up quite difficult. It was SO worth it. We had a bit of a swim around waiting for the sun to set and temperature to cool down.

Then perfection arrived. As the sun was setting, the full moon rose above the back of the island. We set up camp, and had a nice picnic. It had been a last minute decision that the weather was right, so the picnic was a quick selection of cheeses and crackers. There were muesli bars, but unfortunately I picked the ones to which Ryan was allergic. Oops!





The Mosquitos came out soon after sunset, so we made it an early night and jumped into the swag. It was a little bit squeezy with two of us in there. Well, two of us plus one mosquito that managed to sneak in. Don’t you love the sound of them buzzing around your head when you are trying to sleep?

At 4:45am our alarm went off, appropriately set as the sound of crickets. We packed up our gear and lugged it back to the boat. This was much easier going down than the way up.

We made our way back to the mainland with the sun rising. Arrived back with enough time for a shower and we still got to work on time.

This was a wonderful experience and the perfect way to extend the weekend just that little bit longer. Although the night was spent with broken sleep, we went to work feeling great and refreshed.

Hopefully this summer brings more nights of similar perfection.

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