We really do sail

So I’ve realised that this blog will ultimately be about a sailing adventure, but it doesn’t look like we sail at all!

Well here is some proof… From last year.

In November 2011 we participated in a sailing regatta called the Bribie Cup, crewing on a beautiful old classic boat called Tahara. The race starts North of the Brisbane River and heads North towards Bribie Island, through Deception Bay. It’s hard to explain, so here is a map of the course (note that this is the Northern end of Moreton Bay near Brisbane):

BribieCup2011Map with Courses_web

Ours was the short course.

It was a beautiful day out sailing, and probably only the second time Ryan and I had been sailing together. This was before we decided that we would be going on the ultimate sailing adventure.

Oh, and we won! Of course. (Well… our division).

Here is the proof we actually sail:



30-IMG_8235sneaky beer on the way home.

Here is what Tahara looks like:

2011-11-19 17.56.36 TaharaWe no longer sail on her because he has since been sold. Our last sail was the Bribie Cup 2012. We did not win that one.

8 responses to “We really do sail

  1. You guys look like you have a good time!!! I love the proof LOL!!!
    I’m terrified of sailboats. I love to look at them but I don’t think I could actually go out on one. I’m a land LOVER!

  2. That is a gorgeous boat and you guys look so happy sailing on her. And the funny thing is you’ve probably done more sailing than us and we live on a sail boat. Congratulations on winning your division! Maybe we’ll see you out there one day soon 🙂

    • Thanks!! She has been sold. At the moment we are sailboat-less and just get around on a motorboat. It’s probably better to get to destinations faster when all we have is weekends. Currently working towards that sailing dream. Maybe we will see you out there. Ill definitely keep my eyes peeled 🙂

      • You can’t miss us, we’ll be on the bright red boat, haphazardly sailing around with my shrieking at the helm haha! Might be safest just to wave from the distance 🙂

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