Saturday morning. Surf Morning.

Brilliant. That is the best word to describe the morning we have had.

After a late night on Friday night we woke up at 5am to go fuel up the boat and head out to our favourite surfing spot. The weather was just perfect:



We found some friends who had also gone out for the morning to do some stand up paddle (SUP) boarding.


We anchored the boat. Ryan got on a SUP and I jumped onto my surf board for a hell of a paddle. I successfully paddled into the waves. Got thrown around a bit and ended up on the beach. Boy were my arms tired. I had a bit of a rest while I watched everyone else. I wish I had the camera with me. The water was so beautifully clear and made some beautiful patterns in the breaking waves. I could also have gotten some photos of the boys surfing.

I eventually went back in and had some failed attempts at catching some waves before deciding to paddle back to the boat. That was an effort in itself. I guess I should get some surfing lessons. Or just keep trying until I figure it out. This is the best spot to learn because there aren’t too many other people in the water.

Rest time on the boat with my beautiful board:


Shortly later some of the guys joined me. We realised that it was about 9:30am and a lot of people would only just be getting out of bed. The beauty of the morning was cause to celebrate with some beer. Toys were tied up and beers were opened:


Ryan went out for one more go on a bigger SUP:


He then came back to join the beer crew.Image

We said our goodbyes and home we went.


We swung past Tangalooma Wrecks on the way home. I think these deserve a post of their own… Coming soon.




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