Where are the fish?

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl, so for Christmas I would like a new speargun and a new weight belt. While you’re at it, I could also use a new diving knife.

I have good reasons for asking. Here it is:
Yesterday we woke up at 4:24am (to be precise). Took off on the boat to the areas around Moreton Island with the expectation of clear water and lots if fishies.

As we got further out from the Bay the water became bluer. This was good news.

As per usual, just before we arrived at our first destination we saw a BIG shark. He/She was cruising along the top of the water with his/her fin out. It was a hammerhead and about 2.5m long. Small for a hammerhead apparently.

The conditions were perfect. No wind and beautiful sunshine. We jumped in the water. At least it was clearer than last week, but there was still a lot of sediment blocking our visibility. We also found a lack of decent fish.

We went to a few different spots with further lack of action. I saw one small Spanish mackerel but did not have an opportunity to go after it. Grant, our friend who came along, shot one but it wriggled itself off the spear quickly. That was the maximum action we had all day.

Oh, back to my wish list. As we were driving along Ryan and I both turned around at the same time to see my Carbon Fibre speargun fall off the rack and into the water. My heart stopped. These things don’t float (and aren’t cheap).

We quickly turned around to see if we could find it. I jumped in the water beside the boat and looked down into the water just in time to see my weight belt sinking to the depths of the ocean. At the time I thought it was my speargun and was surprised at how quickly it sunk. There was no way we were going to be able to retrieve it.

It was when we arrived at the next spot and I was about to jump in that grant observed I wasn’t wearing a weight belt. That’s when I realised my double loss.

Ryan sees this as a sign from nature telling me I’m ready for a bigger gun. I think he is right, but I did love the one that is now sleeping with the fishies.

With regards to the knife, well, I haven’t lost it but it has been broken for a while. The tip snapped one time when I was trying to kill one of my catches. Now I’m killing things with a flat knife.

Thanks santa, that’s all I need.

So all in all, we saw a lot of sharks yesterday and I think they ate all the fish.

Here is what we came home with:


It was still a beautiful day out. We could not have asked for better weather conditions.


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