We’re back!

Sorry we have been out of blogging action for a while. Too much real-time action going on.

We ended up spending most of our time out on the boat between Christmas and New Years, and as you see from the previous post, New Years Eve was also spent on the boat:


We admired sunsets and played with toys:

IMG_2565 IMG_2585

Oh and we entered 2012 as undefeated champions at doubles mini foosball on a rocking boat.

Ryan caught some fish. He finally captured one of them on video. Check it out:

We went back out on the boat with some friends yesterday. It was totally unexpected, because the weather forecast was miserable for boating. It turned into a beautiful day, but I still did not see any fish worth spearing. Luckily, we brought the fish whisperer on the boat and ended up with a full bag of fish:


They were almost too heavy for me to carry:


Yet again, all I saw was sharks. Same with Ryan. He was charged by a shark on the surface and had to defend himself. He then swam back and hid behind me. I didn’t even know that until the end of the day. Thanks a lot Ryan!

On one occasion he dove down to about 15 metres. Halfway down I looked over and he had a shark coming at him. It came right up to him and then quickly turned around. Ryan did not seem concerned. Turns out that he did not even know the shark was there!! Man I wish I had a second GoPro camera to wear on my head sometimes!

Reviewing pictures of shark species, I think it was a Bronzed Whaler but I can’t sure.

They just would not leave him alone! He must have been smelling good in a weird fish kind of way.

We have heaps of diving footage. Will be good for another video in the near future.

Time to go cook up some of the fish. Beer battered fish with crispy potato wedges.

I am also going to tell you about some great day trips you can make from Brisbane, whether you live here or are just visiting. Watch this space throughout 2013.



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