Always continue the search for paradise

What is paradise is different for every person. It might not necessarily be a beach with pristine beaches and warm water. It could be a rainforest with cool water holes and waterfalls, or out in the country riding horses. Maybe it is up a cold mountain shredding down deep powdery snow. It could be a whole range of things for whatever your interests are.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to live in a place where our version of paradise is only a short drive or a short boat ride away.

Here in Queensland we have the best beaches in the world. People from all over the globe spend a lot of money to experience what we have at our doorstep.

Sitting on the couch is not an option for us. OK, maybe if it’s raining or we are sick.

Living on the bayside and having a boat at our disposal assists in our ability to explore the islands nearby. Anyone living or visiting within the vicinity of Brisbane can spend time in paradisal locations. And I’m not just talking about beaches. All you need is a car!

The other day we had a free day on our hands. That is quite rare amongst our constant need to make the most of our days off work.

After a much needed sleep-in (7am) we hopped in the boat. Well, ok, we can’t just hop in. We had to uncover it, hook up the trailer, fuel it up and launch it first. THEN we hopped in the boat and took off to our favourite island, Moreton Island.

With friends sailing down the West Coast of the island, we had a destination for lunch. We arrived early and found absolutely perfect conditions. This called for a bit of exploring to find the ideal swimming location. And find it we did. Wow!






And the water was oh so warm!

Make the most of life. It is only short after all.


Note: the place pictured is accessible by four wheel drive. You just need to get it over there by car ferry first.


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