The sandbanks of Moreton Bay

That photo sums up the amount of adventure we got up to on the weekend. Things did not really go to plan… And this time we can not blame the weather.

Ryan having to work Saturday morning meant no fun stuff, but I could go out and get some food for our Sunday plans.

The wind dying meant a Saturday afternoon kitesurfing session was out.

The last minute conference with our spearfishing team revealed that the water visibility was no good for Sunday. Those plans then got cancelled.

The surf report showed no surf, so that was not an option either!

A decision was quickly made to take the jet ski out for a spin. The people we were looking for out on the bay were not there so we decided to go relax on a sandbank instead.




The thing about Moreton Bay is that it is VERY shallow. Anyone who is not used to boating there should take every precaution to make sure they follow the channels. We have seen many boats get stuck in the shallows.

A pair of polarized sunglasses are also pretty useful. There are some sandbanks that have moved and the markers are a little too far over, so the polarized sunglasses help out a bit for spotting these.

When you know how to navigate around, it is really fun to go find these sandbanks. You get the beach to yourself and there are many to choose from:


They usually have beautiful starfish hanging out on them as well.


When the wind is right they make a great spots for kitesurfing, without a crowd.



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