10 reasons not to fly with Etihad Airways

The only downside of travel is long haul international flights. I accept it has to be done. Travelling by boat is much better idea.

Our most recent long haul trip was just full of things going continuously wrong. Here are 10 reasons I would never book tickets flying Etihad Airways again:

1. Their entertainment systems are faulty – this caused problems indirectly on our first flight (see my previous post) and directly on our second flight. My system did not work at all and nothing was done to fix it. I spent the entire flight with only the flight path screen working.

2. Their cabin crew are rude – there was a very old lady sitting near me who could not really understand what was going on. When she was told (not asked) to put her bag under her seat she didn’t understand. Rather than helping her, the cabin crew just became frustrated and rude.

3. The food was less than average – see my previous post

4. The toilets are filthy – most other airlines clean up the toilets at regular intervals.

5. The seats are falling apart – on the same flight where my entertainment system was not working my tray table was broken. Nothing was done about it, I was just left to deal with it.

6. The cabin crew are not only rude, but don’t have the skills to deal with problems.

7. If you’re lucky enough for your entertainment system to work, they turn it off 40 minutes before landing – not because of safety issues. The systems in business class still work. People still need to be entertained until landing. Other airlines do it.

8. When transiting at the Abu Dhabi airport, it is air conditioned so cold that we needed three blankets on top of our layers of clothing.

9. If transiting at the airport during the night, the only food available for purchase is Burger King.

10. Etihad focuses all of their attention on business class and first class passengers. This is understandable to some extent, given the amount of money people spend on those tickets. However, it shouldn’t be done to the point of making the large number of economy passengers feel like they aren’t worth any effort.

At least our baggage arrived. If it didn’t, I think I would have been sent over the edge!!

3 responses to “10 reasons not to fly with Etihad Airways

  1. Cheers for the heads-up, although could you have just had a bad, unlucky experience? My best flying so far has been with Swissair (big problems with another airline, lucky upgrade to business on Swissair, too long story for here!) and worst I can’t remember… I’ve somehow managed to force forget it!… but it was between Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. I shall never again buy the cheapest flights I can find (unless they’re sold by a reputable source).

    Maybe you know which provider is best for long haul (Australia-England) if you had to choose between Quantas and Chinese Southern?

    • It could have been just a had experience, but it wasn’t handled very well.

      Singapore airlines has always been fantastic for long haul to Europe.

      I’ve seen those China Southern flights for a ridiculously cheap price. It’s suspicious! Haha

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