The magical things in life

Do you know those moments in life where you just can’t believe the beauty of what lies before you? Today was one of those days!

After a whole day of non-stop snowfall yesterday, our hotel manager kindly gave us some advice about where we should go to find fresh tracks.

We went there and it was so much more than fresh tracks. The sun was glistening on the snow like trillions of little diamonds. As we looked out over the valley, the air was like glitter floating all around us. I could not capture this on camera but it was like being in a fairy tale!


This time, it was me who let out squeals of joy! I finally got my powder legs working and was killing it down the mountain. The snow was so deep we even ski’d on top of houses!


I almost pee’d myself, for two reasons.
1. It was all too good to have a pee stop
2. It was just so friggen exciting!!!!

Each time we made it to the bottom I was telling Ryan to hurry up and get back on the ski lift. This repeated itself numerous times all morning until we had to stop for lunch.


You know it is cold when the snow sticks to the trees!


The afternoon took us to higher places. Where it was so cold I thought my nose had fallen off, but the views were breathtaking (or maybe it was the cold that took my breath, you decide).


A packed ride up a big gondola to Mont Gele brought us the run of the day. This mountain is not a piste but more of a ski tour. It is recommended for people who can ski well, and it is not patrolled.

The first decent was the coldest part of our day. An icy wind was blowing straight up the mountain into our faces. Luckily the sign directed us across the other side where it was protected.

That is were we found powder of perfection. Many people had been up the mountain already, but there were still fresh tracks to be had. Being much higher than we had been in the morning, the powder was even lighter. Very much like skiing on champagne! There were squeals of joy erupting around the mountain.

There was only one short stop where I ran into some snow that had run off from an avalanche. That was rock hard and sent my legs in opposite directions. After hugging a hard ball of snow for a while, I moved further over and squealed my way down the rest of the run.

After a great day of phenomenal skiing, we arrived back at our hotel exhausted. This is where we found one last surprise:


We are now sipping the champagne and eating the chocolate whilst taking in the sunset.


A magical day made of many many many magical moments.

4 responses to “The magical things in life

  1. Congratulations on your wonderful news, We just love the alpine photography, Snow over houses is not my cup of tea though !!!
    Glenn & Jeanette.

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