We need your help to decide

We need your help for ideas everyone.

Ryan has been working really really hard lately. He will be for a little while longer and then he needs a holiday! A tropical one.

We need to decide on a place that has bungalows on a nice beach and a good surf break.




Clear blue water is also a must!


Perhaps a nice reef where we can go spearfishing.

Time of year will probably be July/August.

I’m sure there is somewhere beautiful that will satisfy our criteria. Maybe you can tell us where it is. Please leave a comment if you know, or email us from the “contact us” page.

Note: the photos I have posted here have been downloaded from our Facebook page. Sorry if they are low quality. I will try to update them with better quality later on.


5 responses to “We need your help to decide

  1. Namotu or Tavaru in Fuji for an unbelievable water experience
    Bora Bora is epic, great diving but no surf

    Aitutaki, Cook Island is special, great diving but no surf

    Check the internet on all three

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