Easter weekend – the adventures of Baker

For the Easter long weekend we had many grand plans, none of which eventuated. First, there was the plan to sail to the Bunker group of islands up North. The lack of winds changed that plan.

Then there was the plan to go spearfishing on Good Friday. That didn’t happen because our friends reported the day before was all green water and not worth going out.

Instead we went for a morning spin to Tangalooma resort, Moreton Island.

I realise this is a terrible photo with the sun facing me but it’s all I could snap up at the time, sorry

We had some breakfast and milkshakes and then anchored near the wrecks for a swim. There were plenty of boats out, which is nice to see.





The one thing we were missing were beers. We watched longingly as other boats cracked open fresh cold beers.

Our plans to go catch the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race disappeared somewhere. I don’t know where, but it never happened. So a beautiful morning on the bay and we went back to land because there was a forecast of some stronger winds, which didn’t seem to arrive when they were supposed to.

On Saturday, we woke up with a new addition to the family, Baker, Ryan’s elbow growth.


We decided to stay on land and allow Baker to heal a bit.

Plans were made for a big spearfishing day on the Sunday. The forecast was perfection and we organized our buddies to be ready for an early departure.

At 1am Ryan woke up and sent them a text to cancel. He was in too much pain. We still woke up fairly early and decided to take the boat out for a quiet morning on the bay.

We met up with his parents and their friends who had been anchored off Tangalooma Resort overnight. They fed us French toast, bacon and fresh fruit. It was a beautiful morning.

We then parted ways to go and find some more friends who were heading out there. It wasn’t long till we all anchored up together and set up some shade on the beach.

We remembered the beers this time!



The late morning was spent discussing whether the storm building up over the mainland would come our way. Thanks to mobile phone technology and the Bureau of Meteorology, we could see it was further south. When time came to go home we managed to slips between two rain systems and not get wet. Good works team!


Easter Monday was spent doing land things. Whatever that means.

What better way to end it than with a delicious Mexican fiesta!


We hope you had a great Easter break and ate too much chocolate.

FYI, 5 days on and Baker is still hanging around like a third wheel. We would like it to go away now.

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