Surfing, BBQs and sunshine

Last weekend brought us weather perfection!!


Unfortunately, Ryan was stuck working so adventuring was left up to my lonely self. That was quickly fixed!

I had plans to go to Burleigh Heads for a good friend’s birthday. The weather forecast on Friday showed me the right conditions for a beginner surfer.

I was told that Godfathers of the ocean surf school is really good, and it happens to be based at Burleigh. That’s all I needed to know. One phone call and I was booked in to have my first official surfing lesson. I convinced my friend to come along too. It. Was. So. Much. Fun.

Arriving and looking at the beach that morning just peaked the excitement level.


The hour and a half passed so quickly, leaving us eager for more. Unfortunately we didn’t have our own boards with us so that was the end of surfing for the day.

It was time for the best beer battered chips I’ve ever tasted…. And a beer of course.


That usually goes hand in hand with being flocked by seagulls. There is always at least one angry one.

Please don’t feed the birds. Have small children chase them away instead.

The rest of the day was spent exactly how it should on a beautiful warm and sunny day. By the beach, and having a barbecue.


On Sunday we celebrated the arrival of our first ever nephew! What a cutie!

Happy weekend all around.

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