Chattering teeth, Wahoo cheers and Ferris the turtle

If you read my last post you will already know that we went spearfishing on the weekend.

I don’t need to bore you with every single detail about the entire two days.

I will just tell you this: it was so cold! The water felt like a bath compared to the air, and being on the boat was more painful than anything. When we arrived at the boat ramp in the mornings the water was actually steaming. I’m not exaggerating on that!!

There were no sharks on the Saturday, and lots of Leopard sharks on Sunday (they are nothing to worry about).

We were in New South Whales waters, so I had to pay special attention in making sure I didn’t spear any fish that are protected species there but not in Queensland. That’s all I seemed to see, of course.

A big Wahoo swam up out of nowhere and stayed directly underneath me checking itself out in the flasher (shiny dangly things we put into the water to attract fish). I flipped out and made Ryan shoot for it, because I didn’t want to miss. He missed.

It’s OK though. Grant and Dave who speared with us on the Sunday showed us how it is really done and caught. Waahhhhoooooooooo!

The best part of the weekend was making friends with a turtle. His name was Ferris, and his head was the size of mine!!!

Now normally when I try to get close to a turtle, they swim away at a hundred miles an hour. Ferris was just as interested in me as I was in him.

We danced around each other. I dove under and checked him out from underneath as he checked me out from up above. I swear he winked at me!!

We swam up to each other and he let me have a pat of his shell. At that point I realised that I had gone a little bit too far from the other divers and the boat. Ryan was at the edge of the boat shaking his head at me.

I tried to communicate to Ferris that I had to go back the other way, hoping he would follow. I started swimming back to the boat and looked longingly back at Ferris. He had other plans and just kept going on his way.

What an experience!

I wish I’d worn the go-pro camera.

The other highlight was seeing an Eagle ray swim full speed past us, then directly vertical and straight out of the water. The only way I can describe how amazing this was is by all of our reactions, popping our heads up from the water and saying “WOOAAHHH”

So those were the best parts of our weekend. Here are some photos that I took:





Thanks to Ryan for capturing how to not look graceful when getting into the boat – what I do best:




And our Monday night wahoo sashimi:


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