Profanity Sunday

A little smile crept across my face when I woke up and saw the bright blue sky through the window. The leaves of the palm trees were rustling slightly, but we knew the wind was going to die off fairly soon.

The boat was parked outside and ready to go. Our crew was waiting patiently while we dragged ourselves out of bed. It was going to be a profanity good day…

Rugged up in our tracksuit pants, jumpers, ugg boots and windbreakers, we set off from the boat ramp eager to get in the water. Although our plans were to go somewhere up near Moreton Island, we decided to try out the reefs near Stradbroke Island for a change.

Ryan was first in the water. I won’t mention how long it takes me to get ready. There is so much gear involved in spearfishing we also call it accessorising.

Ryan: “profanity the water is clear!!!!”

Of course, I always jump in missing one thing. This time it was my weight belt.

The water was profanity amazing!

For me, it has never been that clear in the area where we were. I saw things I didn’t even know existed. There were many resident shovelnose sharks and stingrays, which will be on the next video edit that I make.

The profanities really started later in the day. There had not been many fish around, when a 20-30Kg wahoo just appeared out of nowhere. Dave was on the bottom. Ryan was back on the boat.

Profanity profanity profanity . I just could not get close enough. It was swimming straight towards Dave. I shot my gun in its general direction knowing it would not hit. I also knew this would cause Dave to look up. He did, but could not get close enough to that sneaky little bugger before he was at the end of his dive.


The next set of profanities is brought to you by Colin the Cod. Dave spotted him, but because I’ve never speared one before, he let me go for it…


And go for it I did. Shot it right between the eyes. I thought this would mean not having to knife poor little Colin. Cods apparently have very hard heads. Hard enough for my spear not to go all the way through.

Just as I reached the surface I felt my spear go loose and I knew Colin was gone. Disappeared into the rocks with one massive migraine.

Profanity profanity profanity – that’s Colin speaking.

I just have up on life for the day. Until a turtle came along. He will also make it on to the next video.

And so that day will forever be known as Profanity Sunday.

Sorry for all the profanities.

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