BBQ baked snapper

If you want an easy way to cook fish when it is whole, try baking it on the BBQ.

That’s what we did with this snapper:

Sorry about the creepy looking eye. I may have poked it a couple of times.

It’s so simple, we didn’t even have to scale it!

Here’s what you do.

1. Clean it, an make sure it has been gutted.

2. Set the BBQ to medium heat.

3. Score (that’s the word for putting slits in its side right) the side of the fish 3 or so times.

4. Shove some chopped parsley, butter and lemon slices into the guts and slits on the side.

5. Lay out some aluminum foil with some baking paper on top, and place the fish on top of that.

6. Wrap the whole fish with the aluminum foil.

7. For this 2-3Kg snapper, we baked it for 25-30 minutes. Adjust the time according to the weight.

What not to do
Don’t decide that the bottom half is cooking faster than the top. This may have been our mistake.

Upon turning it over, the foil ripped and the whole thing caught fire. We managed to put the fire out. Unfortunately the presentation I had in mind was ruined.

Despite being slightly flame grilled, this turned into absolute deliciousness.


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