Eerie fog & bomb diving whales

We are currently recovering from an epic weekend, deserving of two posts.

I might as well start with Saturday. The alarm was set early. Of course I was awake about two hours beforehand, so excited for the day of spearfishing we had planned. Eventually the alarm rang and off we went.

It was worth getting up early. We would get a full day out on the boat, and we also got to see a wonderful sunrise.



The most amazing thing that happened was not the fish we speared, or the sharks that spooked us me. It was the fog we came across on our way out. This thick blanket of humid cloud that hid Moreton Island and Stradbroke Island.

We ended up in some sort of hole of clear sky, because the mainland was also hidden away in fog. It was very disorientating.

It felt like Captain Jack Sparrow was going to appear at any minute.

Ryan drove the boat by compass because he just did not believe the plotter was right about where we were. Of course it was right.

Here are some pictures that show you what it was like, but don’t really do it justice.





We eventually had to go through the wall of fog. It was unbelievable how humid the air became. So much cooler too. It was like the air was clinging to our skin and did not want to let go.

I was getting a little bit creeped out by the idea of diving down underwater if it was going to be so eerie above water.

Luckily, it all cleared up into a perfect winters day.


And then there were the whales. So many of them are going past at the moment. They wow me everytime, but on Saturday they were being extra cheeky. Ryan likes to say they are floozies. They must have heard him because he got bomb dived by one.

Ryan was driving the boat as the rest of us were in the water. We could see a couple of humpback whales heading straight for us.

I looked up out of the water and saw Ryan’s eyes darting around with a worried look on his face. Next thing, a whale jumps vertically out of the water directly behind the boat. Ryan got sprayed with the wave of water as the whale landed. It was hilarious! Bomb dived by a whale.

If I could swim fast enough I would have high fived it.

What a wonderful sight to see.

3 responses to “Eerie fog & bomb diving whales

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  2. That would’ve been freaky, definitely the stuff horror movies are made of, it totally would not have been out of place to see a derelict ghost ship drift past!
    And how awesome was that whale encounter, I’m so glad I found your blog because we cant get out to the bay yet, even though it’s tantalisingly close, so its wonderful to live vicariously though your blog and to know what wonderful sights await us!

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