Weekly photo challenge: nostalgic

The photo challenge this week is all about longing or yearning for the past.

This one is quite challenging for me. As much as I love my memories from the past, these days my yearning is more for what is to come in the future. So many adventures to be had and wonderful places still to see.

The photo I have chosen is more of a short-term nostalgia. From Sunday. And I just felt like sharing my favourite photo.

It does bring out a sense of yearning. An ache to be back there. Regret that I didn’t get on the surf board and have a go. How could I resist staying on the boat and taking some photos with the fancy camera I had in my possession?

Check back later in the week to see some of the photos I took of the boys surfing at our favourite location. In the meantime, here is my photo for the challenge this week:


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