Is it a horse? No it’s a Spanish Mackerel

On Saturday we decided to risk the weather forecast and head out spearfishing anyway. It worked in our favour, with the conditions staying decent, but not perfect.

The swell was bigger than expected. The current was so strong that our drift dives would only last a few minutes. This makes spearfishing a little extra hard. The visibility was fairly poor. In one spot it was ridiculous (in a bad way).

The boat returned to land with only two fish. They were very well sized Tuskies. This photo doesn’t do them justice, but the thong next to them gives a bit of a scale on size.


The most amazing part of the day would be the school of Spanish Mackerel that we saw. They were all very well size, but one in particular was the size of a horse. I was actually too slow to dive down on it because I originally thought it was a shark. It swam under me and, because of the lack of visibility, I just saw a very large shape. I almost fainted (if its possible to faint whilst floating on water??) in shock when I realised it was a spearable fish.

Ryan and I spend a couple more drifts trying to get to this monster, but our efforts were less than fruitful. Chances of losing all my gear were high if I did manage to shoot it. Then I would be sad, going to Samoa knowing that my speargun was being towed around the ocean by a giant S M.

It’s not something I need to worry about now, given it would not let us get anywhere near it. I bet it had fun teasing us like that.

Despite the frustration, it was another fantastic Saturday spent underwater!

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