The river city does Riverfire

September in Brisbane brings Spring, warmer weather, longer days and the Brisbane Festival.

The festival lasts for two weeks with an array of entertainment throughout the city; and nightly “city of the lights” laser and special effects shows.

Every year it ends the same way. Hundreds of thousands of people travel in to vantage points around the windy (curvy) river to experience the whole city, and its bridges, lighting up in a firework frenzy.

Every year it gets better and better. I don’t know whether condensing the fireworks display into 20 minutes instead of 30 this year did it, but it was the most amazing one I have ever seen.

The biggest issue each year is fighting the crowd for the best viewing area. South Bank and Kangaroo Point are basically like a mosh pit, and the Northern shores of the river aren’t much better.

Being the river-city we decided that the best vantage point was definitely to be on the river. Right in the middle of it. So we grabbed some friends, launched the boat and found one of the best spots possible.

It’s not only about the fireworks though. Some of us (Ryan) even prefer the pre-show display provided by the Australian Defence Force.

First with the Helicopters (the Eurocopter Tiger and the MRH90, I believe).



And then with the Superhornets (Ryan’s favourite part).



It was very impressive!

As if that wasn’t enough wowing, come 7pm the obligatory Phil Collins “In the air tonight” started to play on the radio station covering the event. One more Superhornet flew overhead and then the city was set on fire!




This is probably THE event to attend in Brisbane. What is the reason for it? Well, I don’t think anyone really knows, maybe just Brisbane celebrating being awesome!

So now you know where you need to be next September.

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