Sustainable meat, after a weekend in the Country

Normally you will find us out on the water diving and catching our fish sustainably. We don’t buy seafood at the shops. Unless of course we need something that we can’t catch spearfishing. However, we generally stick to seafood we can catch ourselves, causing no damage to the ocean and other ocean life.

This weekend we ended up at the opposite end of the spectrum. Away from the ocean (which was lucky, given the super strong winds) and out in country Queensland.


The aim was to make sure the cattle on our friends’ property were properly fitted with new anti-tick ear tags.

I love cows, but boy are they feisty.

The rest of the weekend was spent taking in the wonderful fresh air, and just simply enjoying the serenity.

Of course, the people living in the country are good hunters! While we were there one of the hunters caught a deer. It was soon skinned, rested and ready to be butchered in no time.

A nice little fluffy rabbit also fell victim. Ryan managed to skin and clean that one up without any assistance, so that we could take it home and roast it.

We didn’t only come home with rabbit. After being shown how to properly cut the decent meat off the deer, we came home with a a large esky full of deer meat. Various roasts, steaks and heaps of stewing meat. Our freezer is now full and our neighbours also received a few meals out of it.

We also were given a full bag of avocados.

It’s nice to know that the meat we are going to live off for the next few months was caught and butchered sustainably. It also gives us more respect for the meat we eat.

If only we could do the same with the rest of our food. It would be good to one day rid ourselves of the need for a supermarket. I hate shopping anyway!

It’s unlikely to happen, but at least we can try our best to obtain our food elsewhere.

The rabbit last night was delicious by the way. I stuffed it and roasted it with some bacon on top. I hope we can get some more rabbits soon to try different ways of cooking them. They are a pest in Australia anyway.

    The highlight of the weekend

Spotlighting. This is driving around at night with a spotlight shining from the car. Animals that are scarce during the day roam much more freely at night.

We saw wallabies, rabbits, possums and heaps of deer.

For those who travel to Australia, if there is an opportunity to do a farm stay I highly recommend it. Before or after you visit the beautiful coastline, if course!


4 responses to “Sustainable meat, after a weekend in the Country

  1. I’m jealous..again! We like to thinly slice the back strap of deer, crumb and then shallow fry. Done right sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between this cut of venison and veal. Where did you enjoy this fine weekend?

    • That sounds awesome. We have backstraps, along with everything else. I’ve marinated up most of the steaks so they can take in some awesome flavours before cooking… Tonight will be topside steak I think.

      We were up around the Blackbutt area.

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