3 responses to “Fabulous Photo Friday: Thailand cruisers

    • Definitely! It depends on whether you want beach or culture or party?

      The North is good for culture. I spent 5 days in Chiang Mai and felt it wasn’t enough.. I also would have liked to explore further out from Chiang Mai.

      Phuket is not worth the time.

      Koh Phi Phi is amazing and I wish I spent more time than a day there. Koh Samui is beachy and easy to get to. But if you’re going there you might as well take a ferry to the other islands.

      Krabi is another awesome beachside location with great rock climbing opportunities.

      Koh Phangan is the best for a party scene. I’ve done two New Years there. It’s a beautiful island so if the party isn’t your thing, I recommend staying somewhere to the north. It’s very relaxing and beautiful up there.

      I’ve also been through Khao Sok national park between Phuket and Surat Thani (where the ferry leaves for Koh Samui). That is nice to see the jungle with snakes and monkeys etc.

      Basically lots of awesome places to go and I haven’t even see the half of it.

      • I’m looking for culture, and some beautiful views. I’ll like to experience those clear waters, but throw some culture in the mix of things. I’d also like to do some cool outdoorsy activities. I’m not looking for any parties.

        Thanks for all of the information!

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