Social media can be a problem

Social media is good in so many ways. It does, however, have its faults. There are just no secrets anymore.

The prime example of social media being a pain in the bum occurred last week. The spearfishing community is growing rapidly. Facebook and Instagram are awesome platforms for showing off videos and photos of our efforts, and to share stories.

When it comes to catching fish, having secret spots is a massive win, because then you don’t have to battle it out with other spearos/spearas taking or spooking all the fish. Sometimes though, there are spots that everyone knows where you would have made certain catches. For example, mahi mahi in Brisbane.

If someone posts a photo of mahi mahi they have speared, most people know where they came from. Last week we saw a surge in photos of mahi mahi and realised that this delicious pelagic fish must have arrived in the region. As the week went on, more and more photos popped up on Facebook. For those of us who work during the week, this became beyond frustrating.

We set forth a plan for Saturday morning. We organised our team to leave on the boat before daylight. If we were the first boat out there, then we might have had a chance at getting a couple before the school became too spooked.

Would you believe it, another boat had just arrived at the same spot at the same time. We (and they) could not believe it. To make it worse, it was windy, choppy and raining. Who else would be stupid enough to go out in those ridiculous conditions?

It then became a race as to who could get in the water first. It was pretty much a tie. The school of mahi mahi were there, but they were onto us. A weeks worth of spears flying past their heads had left them on edge.

Needless to say, we didn’t get any. All of those delicious recipe ideas in my head were for nothing. The other boat left when they realised it was pointless. We left not long after that. Another boat was on its way out as we were coming back. It was definitely the most popular spearing spot for the week.

It doesn’t really matter though. Spearfishing is wonderful even if you don’t catch the fish you are after. Just being in and under the water is an amazing feeling, and the best way to pass our spare time.

It was not an entirely wasted day anyway. One of the guys on our boat speared 6.54kg of Spangled Emperor!


I guess the point to social media is, be the first to get the fish and post photos…

The same can really be said about other sports, like surfing for example. If one person posts a photo of awesome waves, then others tend to flock to the same place. The Internet is the killer of secret spots… Well actually, the people using the Internet are the killer of secret spots.

Thanks generation share (I, being one of them). It’s not really ever going to change now. I can tell you that if we had caught those mahi mahi early on, we would also have put it all over the Internet.

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