An adventure cut short

This weekend we were reminded that you can never do enough checks on your boat before heading out for an adventure. I’m not really sure where you draw the line, other than doing a full service on the motors… But that’s really Ryan’s department. I just bring the food.

Sunday brought us the most perfect and glorious weather. Glassy seas. Warm air… And probably warm water.

We woke up at 4am. Picked up the boat, fueled it up, drove it 40 minutes to the boat ramp. Ran into many other spearos heading out to do the same thing we had intended. The reefs were going to be crowded, but the weather was so good that it wouldn’t have mattered.

All was well until I tried to turn the motors to put them into the water. Turns out the seal on the hydraulic steering thingy maboby (ok so maybe Ryan should be writing this) was broken and all of the fluid had leaked out.

We had two choices. Get some fluid from somewhere (which we managed at 5:30am), fill it up and head out knowing it leaks. Or call it.

We had to pick the second option. If it had leaked to empty without having used it, then who knows what would have happened whilst we were out there.

That adventure was definitely cut short, and by 7am we had stored the boat away.

Disappointing, but these things happen. We still went on a little bit of a water adventure.. Just on a smaller boat.


Being out on the water was all that really mattered on such a gorgeous day.

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