Spear fishing hangover – Spearingover

It’s when your face feels that sun-kissed warm feeling.

Your lips feel a slightly wind burned feeling.

Your eyes have a blood-shot tinge.

Your head has a lingering headache.

Your sinuses feel like they’ve moved through your head.

Your body in incapable of defying gravity to get up off the couch.

There is no way in the world the fish you caught is going to be cooked that night.

That’s the spearfishing hangover. The wonderful exhausted feeling after spending the day on the water, and submerged in the ocean.

We felt that feeling on Saturday. We haven’t felt that feeling in months. It felt amazing!!!


Despite the waters being ultra Sharky and less fishy, we were all so eager to be in there. Being boatie while the others had their go became a bit boring, so I decided to do some promoting for Beuchat. What do you think?


Although we had been hearing about the abundance of Spanish Mackerel out there for weeks on end, we did not see one. It seems that the weekend we finally were able to get out brought us conditions that meant the fish went elsewhere. I’d like to know where.

You know what? It doesn’t even matter. We swam with a pod of dolphins, including a baby. We saw many turtles, and drifted with many rays.

Like I’ve always said, spearfishing is so much more than just catching fish. It was awesome.

Don’t worry, we didn’t come home empty handed. This is how we spent our Sunday evening:



We hope you had a great weekend!

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