Kangaroo Valley… The valley of wombats

Ok, so I was slack last week and missed Fabulous Photo Friday. It turns out my time management failed.

That’s because we travelled down to Kangaroo Valley, New South Whales for an amazing country wedding.

It was such a beautiful setting.



For those of you who keep asking for “people” photos (you know who you are), here we are, all dressed up:


Let me tell you, we looked a bit more disheveled come 2am!

We spent the weekend enjoying the scenery, wildlife and great company. Despite the name, we did not see any kangaroos. There was, however, definitely no shortage of these little guys:


We saw numerous waddling wombat bottoms enjoying the warmth of the roads at night. We came up with a devious plan to adopt a baby wombat, should we come across one. You’ll be relieved to know that those we came across were all full grown, but just as cute.

We experienced the self-proclaimed “world’s best meat pie;” and the group declared the world’s best coffee at the very same shop. Those awards may have been significantly influenced by our hungover hankering for food and caffeine.

Despite seeing another “world best,” being the world’s biggest hedges, on the country drive down, we decided to take the coastal route back to Sydney on Sunday.

This of course meant stopping for world famous donuts in Berry.



A non-hungover opinion declared these to really be BERRY delicious.

And so we dragged our full stomachs back to the car and continued the scenic tour of coastal NSW:


20140310-165409.jpgMt Keira lookout, over Wollongong

Of course, I need to announce that it was Ryan’s birthday on Saturday. Happy birthday Ryan!!!!!

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