A weekend in paradise

The universe finally aligned to give us a pristine weekend. Two days of absolute perfection. So we gathered the troops and took one boat as a base and sleeping quarters, and another as our Spearfishing vessel.

It was really stunning out on the water. Despite visibility not being 100% and there being a reduced number of fish, we still came out with a decent catch.


Enough to share amongst us, and the neighbors when we got home, plus more!

Sunday was ultimate. Glassy, silly, warm water; making awesome diving even more awesome. I knew it would be a good day when I saw this sunrise:


The only thing that got me out of the water that day was a slight shark encounter. That only kept me out for about five minutes. It wasn’t so bad when it was circling along the bottom. When it started circling midwater I started to get a little nervous. When the boys I was diving with charged past me with their guns out, I turned around and just saw jaws. I think it thought my legs looked tasty. Probably the downfall of having pink lolly looking fins.

At that point, I decided to take a break. I didn’t last very long though. After drifting about 10 meters I got back in the water. I think the shark found some tasty scuba divers by that time.

I can’t wait to eat some of this fish tonight! We were too tired to do anything with it last night, of course. We suffered immensely from a spearingover, and it still lingers on this Monday morning.

It is an awesome feeling to have, knowing that you are exhausted in a good way, because the weekend was packed with activity.

The boys also managed to catch some nice waves on their stand up paddle boards. To conserve energy we also combined some towing, which turned into stand up paddle board skurfing.

I particularly enjoyed spending the whole weekend wearing swimwear from Hive Swimwear. Check them out by clicking on the blue text, if you haven’t already.


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