The honeymoon of all honeymoons

I can’t possibly keep this a secret any longer! We have managed to get ourselves a boat in Greece, leave from work and purchased flights to Athens so we can sail around the Ionian Sea for just over 3 months!! Leaving one month after we get married, this makes for a perfect honeymoon.


The boat: we will be on an Edel 35 sailing catamaran

The next 8 weeks are going to be epically busy. Before our wedding, we have Ryan’s bucks (bachelor/stag) weekend, my hens weekend and some sort of Easter adventure. Then the family from overseas starts rolling in for the big celebration.

One week after the wedding Ryan goes overseas for work for two weeks. During that time, I have to move us out of our house. All whilst working full time and fitting in birthdays along the way.

A week after Ryan returns, we jet away to enjoy these kinds of things:



20140401-071901.jpgThese photos are courtesy of Google Images, but I can’t wait to take my own

We also look forward to having some of our friends and family on board. It looks like Adam and Bek from two years, seven kilos might stop by for a visit during their wonderful adventure.

Maybe Bailey Boat Cat and his humans will be interested in sailing over from Italy, now that he is a full time live aboard kitty.

This is beyond exciting!

For those of you wondering about the results of our poll, this is what you guessed:
38% of you guessed we were going to the Mediterranean (well done, and I think influenced by those who already knew the answer)
25% guessed the South Pacific
25% guessed the Caribbean
13% guessed the North Pacific

All would be amazing, but we are very happy with our current choice

57% of you guessed we are going for 3 weeks
43% guessed 3 months

All of you know us well enough to know we wouldn’t just go for one week, and that twelve months is not feasible for us at this time (maybe one day **sigh**).

13% guessed we were sailing
88% guessed all of the above (being sailing, diving, surfing and relaxing on a beach drinking cocktails)

That doesn’t add up (what’s up with that polldaddy?). Anyway, this was a bit of a tricky one. Technically we will be doing some diving, and probably drinking cocktails at some point! I should have made you guess what our predominant activity will be.

Thanks for your votes. It was fun seeing the results.

12 responses to “The honeymoon of all honeymoons

  1. … and I answered all the question correctly! Good choice! The Ionian has far better winds in the summer than the Aegean and the Cyclades Islands (beware of the Meltemi!). Also August is high season with hoards of of vacationers (a bit of a drag). Not much surfing, if any at all, but the diving is top notch and you’ll love it. Lemmie know when you expect to arrive in Athens so we can meet up for a couple of “cool” ones!

    • Nice one! Clearly you know our style after reading the blog for so long. Yes picked the Ionian for that reason exactly. Ryan has sailed there before during the summer season. We’re not bringing surf boards, but will have everything else such as kitesurfing gear and diving gear. I am so excited for the diving!! I don’t think we are spending any time in Athens unfortunately.. But will let you know if we do!

  2. WOW GUYS!!!! Concatulations this is beyond pawesome! How exciting! We won’t be able to sail over (boring work commitments) but we have furiends that are heading that way and every summer the humans spend a weekend aboard with them where ever they are… you never know it could work out!

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