25 knots and a failed mission

25 knots of wind is not ideal Spearfishing weather. Going out in a tinny in 25 knots of Westerly wind is outright silly. That still did not stop us on Saturday.

The wahoo were meant to be there. The cobia were meant to be there. We have limited time for spearing before we head to the Mediterranean. All very good reasons to go out, freeze and face the ocean that felt a little like this:


The best decision we made was to spear off the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads, which meant the trip back into the wind was shorter (but still felt like an ocean crossing).

Just picture it. A tinny with a few holes in the side. Two guys holding onto the centre console for dear life. Me hanging onto Ryan’s waist, like on a jet ski, but standing. There were a few occasions where I almost went flying off the side, taking Ryan with me. Several moments were my knee jabbed Ryan’s calf muscle. I came home with bruises everywhere.

Apparently the fish disappear when the wind turns North West. Which is the exact direction it came from.

No cobia. No wahoo. Just a couple of bat fish. Turns out fish are smarter than humans and know when to sleep in. These humans anyway.

In the end, it was all a bit of an adventure. A wet, windy and cold adventure.

At least we didn’t end up like this.

HMAS ping survived another day!!


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