Fabulous Photo Friday: A sunset to remember

When I first went to look at the Southport Yachtclub as a wedding venue I knew instantly this was the right place for us to get married. The ocean on one side, with the marina and Broadwater on the other.

What I was instantly hooked on, though, was the idea that if I got lucky with the weather, we would be celebrating in front of an amazing sunset. The yacht club faces Northwest. I knew that the end of April should have high odds of delivering an amazing autumn sunset.

When there was a forecast of rain, I resigned myself to the idea of not getting what I had pictured in my mind. In fact, the day I visited the yacht club as a possible venue, it was absolutely pouring rain. I figured maybe I’d get what I initially saw. That wouldn’t have been the end of the world. We would still have had the time of our lives.

However, everything lined up in the end. Look at the stunning sunset we were able to enjoy with a few (many) glasses of champagne!

This photo was not taken by me, but by a dear friend who took many other amazing photos on the day

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