8 reasons I look forward to sailing around the Greek Islands

This post headline is rather self-explanatory. In a week’s time we will finally be in Greece becoming familiar with our new boat, and home, for the next three or so months.

There are many reasons I’m looking forward to it so very much (despite the 38 hour transit to get to Athens, plus 6 more hours after that before we reach the boat). Ryan and I both are terribly flyers, can’t sit still for very long and get bored very easily. So that is definitely the only part of this trip I am dreading. How about we ignore that for now, and focus on only some of awesome things to come:

1. No alarm clock!!
Of course this will be especially appreciated after that hellish transit.

Do I need to explain any more?

2. Daily naps
This is a must, even though we won’t have alarms to wake us up in the morning. What is the point of an extended holiday if we don’t nap?


3. Daily swims
I am so excited at the idea of crystal clear blue water everyday!! The hot weather will mean we will be spending a LOT of time submerged, which is totally fine by me!!!

Spending every day in the water will also give me time to focus on my free diving and hopefully increase my underwater breath hold!



4. Skipping winter!!!
If you haven’t been reading the blog from the beginning you may have missed my post about SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Well, as the name suggests, it is basically a seasonal depression.

I have self-diagnosed myself with SAD, because as the weather gets colder, and the days shorter, I get a little sad. Yes, sad. I spend all of my time looking forward to the summer months.

NOW, we’re only 7 days away from summer!!


5. Not wearing shoes
Oh, I won’t be going barefoot everywhere. Don’t worry. I’ll still wear thongs/jandals/flip flops or whatever you call them. But don’t expect much more!!!

The idea of not wearing closed in shoes for the entirety of our trip (unless maybe we so a hike, then I’ll consider it) is almost as amazing as skipping winter. They really go hand-in-hand.



6. Being on a boat as short-term cruisers
I absolutely love sleeping on boats. Maybe it’s because I started sleeping on my parent’s sailboat from when I was a teeny tiny baby. I love the sounds a boat makes through the night.

I enjoy the feeling and sound of the boat gliding through the water. I can’t wait to socialise with other yachts, and hear about their experiences. The yachting world is so social and friendly and we will actually be cruisers for a short time!!


7. Amazing sunsets
Some of the best sunsets I’ve seen have been from the water. I’ll also have the time to take it all in, and snap some photos.

The sunset is something I appreciate no matter what day it is, or my location (even if it is watching it from the train). I am just looking forward to being able to enjoy the sunsets every single day without interruption (hopefully! Ryan, take note).



8. Learning about the history
I have never been one to seek out education in history while I travel. I take a little bit of it in, but tend to get distracted fairly easily. Usually by wanting to take photographs rather than taking information in.

When I see Ryan’s eyes light up at the idea of exploring Greek History, it actually excites me. I look forward to having him as a guide, and learning from someone who has a clear passion for this side of travel. Maybe with his guidance I can even relay some of that to you guys as you read about our adventure.

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