Vasiliki – Vathi (Meganisi) – Kioni – Fiskardo – Nisos Thilia – Lefkas – Quiet time, more beautiful places, dolphins and wasps

Things have slowed down a bit in terms of adventure this week. It was a big wind down after a busy week with guests, and we have been sailing lots without having to use the motor or too many breaks on board.


From Vasiliki where windsurfers come by the hundreds, we had to go somewhere Ryan could get online and do some work for a few days. We were heading towards Nidri, and decided at the last minute to go into Vathi on Meganisi for the two nights.


The first fail was that there was no good internet connection for our dongle, and the wifi connections were rather average. The second fail was that it was mega hot there.


Ryan made do with the internet he could get, and I braved the heat to go find a good swimming hole.


Vathi did bring us a beautiful sunset, and some new friends from NZ and Australia. We had some late night drinks on their catamaran before parting ways the next morning.

our boat in the foreground

our boat in the foreground

Vathi sunset

After Vathi, we decided to go to Fiskardo. I tell you what, every day sailing here is like some sort of regatta is on. There are so many boats around. It doesn’t really matter that our autopilot doesn’t work well (even though we now have a clamping system, our battery doesn’t have enough power to power the autopilot) because we can’t really make use of it with so many boats around all the time.

Ionian sailing

With the wind on the nose, our destination was soon changed to Kioni. Well worth it.


Because I don’t have many stories, other than each place being amazing, I will just fill this post with photos to show you what we were dealing with.

The old windmills

The old windmills

Kioni Kioni

Beautiful water

Beautiful water

Beautiful view

Beautiful view

Ryan toughing it in the hammock

Ryan toughing it in the hammock


The town

The town

Kioni Kioni Kioni

The next day looked to be a bit of a fail sailing wise, but once we got past the tip of Ithica the wind was blowing, and it blew us right into Fiskardo. Yet another stunning place.

Fiskardo Fiskardo Fiskardo Fiskardo

Our boat (the refugee boat we call it) is on the far right

Our boat (the refugee boat we call it) is on the far right


Of course, with its beauty comes a crowd, which is only going to get busier in our next few visits (of course we are going back there). We went for a walk around the cliffs, after I hassled Ryan for a while so I could go take some photos. After I allowed him a nap, braved the heat, but it was well worth it.

Fiskardo Fiskardo Fiskardo Fiskardo Fiskardo

The next evening, we needed to be closer to Lefkas, and somewhere sheltered from the overnight winds that were forecasted for the whole night. Even though the forecasts have been wrong a lot of the time, this one seemed like it was going to happen.


We headed towards Nidri, hoping to find a smaller and quieter anchorage to relax. The night before had been rather sleepless due to the music bar in Fiskardo being fairly loud, and people on dinghy’s consistently running into our mooring line.


We had a beautiful sail, and were joined by some dolphins for a short while. It looked like they were rounding up some fish, if there is such a thing in the Med!

Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

We ended up in a completely different and unexpected anchorage on Nisos Thilia, a tiny island in the Meganisi channel, with only one other boat as our neighbor. One other boat, and a kingdom of wasps!!! With my massive fear of these persistent little devils, I was glad the wind was blowing early in the morning and we could get out of there!!!!


Now we are back in Lefkas, on the marina waiting for Ryan’s parents to join us for a couple of weeks. We are looking forward to enjoying time with our next guests, taking them to places we have loved (which is pretty much everywhere, so we are going to have to be selective) and places we have not yet explored.


We have finally showered. The last time was in Corfu, two weeks ago!! I washed my hair in a bucket once, one week ago. Hygiene is going well on the boat, it seems.


2 responses to “Vasiliki – Vathi (Meganisi) – Kioni – Fiskardo – Nisos Thilia – Lefkas – Quiet time, more beautiful places, dolphins and wasps

  1. Audrey & Ryan, we have loved following your journey and are now getting the posts direct. Could we have a picture of the boat all by itself? It is hard to get an idea of it when surrounded by so many others!!! With love, Ken & Merryl

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