Fabulous Photo Friday: Awesome Superyacht

You can always rely on seeing some super cool boats anchored under Corfu’s ancient fort. We would have loved to make friends with the people on this boat and their water slide, inflatable water playground, jetskis and other motorized toys. Who knows what else we would have found inside the boat!! Oh to dream.


3 responses to “Fabulous Photo Friday: Awesome Superyacht

  1. Part of me gets a little jealous when I see luxury like that on the water, I can’t help but think “ooo their galley must be huge! I bet they could fit a real couch and bed on that thing! Their head must be so spacious!” but once my fit of envy has passed I wonder if they’re missing the point of having a boat and being on the water in the first place. The point for us is the simplicity of life on the water, being close to the water feeling it’s moods, and living a less materialistic life. But then again, we’re all different, and that water slide would awesome fun! So glad you’re enjoying your honeymoon in Greece x

    • I totally agree. Besides, I wouldn’t enjoy having crew on board (well maybe for a week it’d be nice haha). We always want a boat we can handle with just our two sets of hands. I still wish I could have visited that yacht though!!!

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