Super sailing Sunday

You’re probably all wondering where we have been. Well, catching up on life to put it simply. Yesterday we were finally able to get back out on the water for a sail.

The best position to be in when you don’t have your own boat is to have friends with boats. And that we do.

It was an amazing day. We woke up at 3:50am to get to where we needed to be for the group to drive to Scarborough, on the North side of Brisbane. By 6:30 we were off sailing into the haze caused by the bushfires further North, but eventually found the edge of it.


The course for the day was to sail up around the top of Moreton Island and then straight down to Southport on the Gold Coast. That involved beating into the wind and against the incoming tide for 25 nautical miles (that’s without the tacks). In the areas where the water became shallow it was also very choppy, making us very very wet and cold.

However, once we got to the top of Moreton Island it was all downwind! Glorious downwind. So it was time for the Spinnaker.

And that’s when things started to go a bit wrong. It lasted nicely until the roller holding the halyard at the top of the mast shot out making an almighty noise. When we saw it hanging down it was decided best to change halyard.

We did that and shortly later the second halyard snapped causing the spinnaker to go flying into the water beside the boat. Lucky there were 6 strong males aboard to get it back in. That time it also ripped on one of the panels. And so ended our 16-17 knots of speed (maybe faster) and then commenced the 9-12 knots journey for our 50 nautical miles to go (not including the jibes). Spinnaker or not, surfing down the waves with the wind behind us was spectacular. Having the dolphins join in the fun was a pleasant bonus. Of course I didn’t have the camera ready to show the way they leapt out of the water at the bow. Absolutely amazing.

Eleven hours after departure we arrived in Southport. After having to drive back to Brisbane and do all of the car swaps etc I can tell you we were exhausted. So exhaustes in fact, we could barely chew our dinner. To quote Ryan: “oh my god, I actually drank my piece of pumpkin.”

We hope you all had a fantastic and adventurous weekend.


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