Perfect Sunday

When we first returned to Australia the only thing we really wanted to do was go spearfishing. For weeks we couldn’t go because the boat was broken or the weather was bad.

And then came the perfect Sunday. Low winds, warm air and from our sailing trip a few Sundays before we suspected clear water.

The day did not disappoint. The water was out of this world and 25.5 degrees!!! That had to mean wahoo were in town. Ryan’s nemesis fish. The only fish he (and I, but I have more on the list) has not landed.

That was the day for it. We didn’t see many, but Ryan managed to catch one of them. A big one of them. Check it out.

The day was great with that adventure alone. The boys had to chase it down once speared, and I was on the boat trying to collect any stragglers so we could follow full speed ahead. It eventually became worn out, probably surrendering to the fact it would fill our freezer.

Check out the catch that day.


What a great first day back in the fun.


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