Winter dreamin

Hello strangers! It has been a while.

Winter has arrived in full force here in Brisbane. As I waited for the train this morning I couldn’t help but think back to this time last year. We had the warm breeze running through our hair and the Greek summer sunshine warming our skin.

Don’t worry, our sailing dream is still alive. Hopefully one day we will be following the summer seasons and won’t have to worry about the piercing chill in the air. In the meantime….


Stay warm. And to those of you in the Med, enjoy living the dream!


2 responses to “Winter dreamin

  1. Hi
    Funnily enough we were talking about you the other day as we tootled across the Aegean. We have just been Khios and now in Turkey, the weather hasn’t been as good as last year but still, good food, new places, fun company….. When are you coming back?

    • Oh we think about you guys all the time! Turkey will be amazing. Hopefully the weather clears up for you. We will be back one day… we just don’t know when that will be yet!

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