About Auds


Auds was born in Switzerland, and is bi-lingual in French and English. When she was 8 years old she moved the USA and lived in upstate New York with her mother and brother. At 9 years old, with a nice Yankee accent, she moved to the Brisbane bayside.

Her family had a sailing boat on a lake in Switzerland, and from the tender age of 2 months old she spent the summer months every year on that boat.

Since living in Brisbane, she has not lived more that a couple of Kilometers away from the ocean. Through her teenage years she focused on competitive tennis, but has always loved the water.

Throughout university she became frustrated at the fact that her friends would spend weekends on the water spearfishing and she was not invited 🙂

In more recent years, she has spent her weekends crewing on her mother’s or friend’s yachts. This has been her therapy after working in Brisbane city all week.

Since meeting Ryan, her weekends have changed to more motor-boating and other water sports. But still sailing at times. Ryan introduced her to spearfishing in April 2012, and bought her her first surfboard for her birthday that same weekend. Life then reached perfection for Auds.

Now she is loving the adventures that are in store every weekend, and is also eagerly waiting for the ultimate adventure – sailing our (future) catamaran back from the Med.

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