About Ryan

Ryan was born in New Zealand and moved to Brisbane when he was 3 years old. He has lived on the Brisbane Bayside ever since.

Water baby is probably the best way to describe him. He lives for being out on the water. Everyone who knows him can agree that he is ridiculously good at water sports, well even land sports (except for maybe tennis). Growing up right next to the bay always helps.

When he finished high school he started kite surfing and became sponsored within a few months. His university days were usually spent doing that, or something else fun. But he still managed to pass uni with honours (I guess he’s a smart one as well).

When travelling through Vietnam he was asked to stay and work as a wakeboarding instructor. Why he turned that down, we will never know.

After university he moved to London and travelled throughout Europe and even drove all the way down to Africa, surfing along the way. We won’t mention the partying. He has even featured in previous blogs, as his housemate in London has an amazing travel blog. It is called twenty-something travel and can be found here.

Now that he is back in Brisbane he is working with his family’s business. That keeps him very busy Monday to Friday, but he lives it up on the weekends. Waiting for the dream of sailing our (future) catamaran back from the Med.

Ryan also keeps fit by wrestling several times per week (if not already injured, like when a fish shreds his finger)

There aren’t many dull moments in Ryan’s life, so lets keep it that way. He does suffer if the weather is bad and keeps him hauled up inside, but now Auds is there to suffer with him.

Oh, and he also plays guitar…


3 responses to “About Ryan

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  2. Hey there,
    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I enjoy reading your posts, so this is my way of saying thanks!

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