About our journey

This is a blog about Ryan and Auds written primarily by Auds. We are from Brisbane, Australia.

Our plan is to start a sailing adventure, ASAP. Basically buy a catamaran in the Mediterranean and sail it back to Brisbane. We can’t wait!!

We are both water babies, and spend as much time on the water as we possibly can. At the moment we are stuck in Monday-Friday office jobs, but make the most of our weekends and holiday time.

This blog will contain posts about our current activities and adventures. When we go sailing it will become about that, and the wonderful places where we will be adventuring.

We spend our time spearfishing, surfing, kitesurfing, boating, sailing, or doing pretty much anything on the water.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading about us, our lives and future plans…

I might add some posts about our past travel experiences… Showing that you can both work and travel, if giving up your job isn’t an option. All you need to do is plan your time very carefully and maximize your annual leave hours.

Hopefully as we make plans for our sailing adventure we can receive feedback from those who are experienced in such an adventure, or have knowledge about the types of boats in which we show interest.

Watch this space..

15 responses to “About our journey

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  2. I would seriously consider buying a boat on the West Coast US and sail down the Baja with the Baja HaHa to Cabo, the up into the Sea of Cortez and down the coast of Mexico to Puerto Vallarta and do the Puddle Jump to Marquesas. Mexico is by far the best and lowest cost place to do cuising on the planet.

    • Thanks Ken. That is definitely good advice to consider. I guess it will all depend on our financial situation and just how badly we want to do the Med and be part of the ARC rally. It will probably mostly depend on where the best deals are on catamarans at the time we are ready to buy :o)

  3. Hey Guys! You seem pretty awesome! We are in the med planning on cruising as well… Make sure you look us up when you come over! In the meantime looking forward to following your adventures!

  4. I’m so excited to start reading! I live in Chicago in the United States, so I am virtually land-locked and in a very cold environment for half of the year. I’m a runner so I I would do anything to be able to travel to different countries and just run around!

    Cheer to you both for living life the right way!

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  6. …”if giving up your job isn’t an option”… cant wait to figure out how!
    The Med is cool, the Aegean is a pearl! And I for see being stuck here! Let me know if I can help. 2015 ain’t sooo far away!

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