True love for summer… and Santa Claus

This weekend was spend close to home. Summer has finally arrived, bringing in the Northerly winds and warm warm warm weather 🙂

There were several plans made for this weekend, all which fell through and resulted in Ryan and I hanging out down at the local beach, playing around with various toys. On Saturday afternoon Ryan went off for a kite surf and I hung out on the beach playing with a training kite. That was fun.

After that, one of Ryan’s friends took me out on a small catamaran that he has rigged up to sail with a kite. Man that was fun. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera on me so I could not take any photos or videos. Here are a couple I took the next day of another couple of people having a go:

Kite catKite Cat2

On Sunday we went back to the same place where Ryan’s friends had all planned to meet up and go for a kite. The wind seemed to die when we arrived (wind jinx??). Ryan decided he would go for a scurf (if you don’t know what this is, it is described in one of my past posts: here), so his friend went and put the jetski in the water. Of course, the wind picked up just as he started scurfing. He had a quick go and ran back to shore to set up his kite gear.

In the meantime I walked around filming some footage of everyone taking advantage of the wind. Santa even made an appearance, check him out:

santa kiting

The wind died again by the time Ryan got set up (wind jinx???). He eventually got to have a go by the end of the day. We had some beers in the sun on the sandbar while we waited. What a great weekend. Here is the video I put together from it (music is “I love it” by Hilltop Hoods, feat. Sia) – santa makes another appearance:



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